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Dailymail Online 9th September 2014

I have started to using the dohar as the blanket he uses in the car seat.  He LOVES it... Must have it now to make him sleep.  He pulls it up to his cheek, leans his face into the material and goes to sleep.  It's AMAZING, a total success.

Helen, France

 “Maya Kid’s hand printed dohar blankets make the perfect travel companion.  No 1 baby gift for any mother.”  

Ally Pyle @

“A unique and versatile baby gift for any mother.  This breathable blanket comes in a range of beautiful designs and I use mine daily. “

Tal Gottesman @ MailOnline 

"Hands down my favourite baby gift, the elephant dohar is my son's most practical and yet pretty baby item. I use it for everything; it's just so useful! They are so soothing, feel delicate against baby skin, and the washed colours are calming and sophisticated." 

Laura Lovett @Financial Times

When I found out my friend was pregnant, I found it really difficult to find an ethically sound and not overly gendered gift that I could send. I was so relieved and excited when I came across your site. 

Rebecca Dec 2014

My friend is delighted with the dohar, apparently they can only get little Alba off to sleep if they swaddle her and only the dohar I sent is big enough! 

Dec 2014

My little boy loves the feel of the soft blanket on his skin after a day at the beach.  It's so soft and cosy.

Areti, Greece

Living in Greece where the summers are hot we use our dohar every single day!  It's super practical and made of beautiful light-weight cotton, the more you use it the softer it becomes.  I'll definitely be buying them as gifts for others.

Efty, Greece. 



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